Free Tour Misterios de Santa Cruz


17:00H (October to May)
19:00H (June to September)

Everyday at Puerta Jerez (Reservation only)

Areas to visit

Lose yourself in the picturesque neighborhood of Santa Cruz and feel thrilled by the enigmatics legends and mysteries hidden in its narrow streets. The tour starts with a brief introduction about when and why was the Jewish religion among the streets of Seville. During the tour we will learn the theories that explain the naming of Life Street and Death Street. We will also discover the legend of Susana Ben Suzón, a story of love and betrayal. We will continue walking by the Water Street. You will feel astonished with the mysterious tale of the Devil´s Grille. The Santa Cruz Square hides one of the best secrets of the city. And finally, we will finish with the Crosses Street and the view of a wonderful Sevillian Patio.

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