Holly week in Sevilla

The streets of Seville are already prepared for the beginning of one of the most anticipated weeks of our city, and that is that more and more people want to come and experience how this cultural t

Seville awards!

In Seville we are again celebrating, and is that recently delivered the Goya awards in the Andalusian capital, we have given the news that we will be the scene of the delivery of the MTV Europe Mus

6 Curiosities to (re) discover the Alcazar of Seville

  The Real Alcázar of Seville is one of the monuments that is essential to visit when passing through the capital of Andalusia. Today we want to remind you of some of the curiositie

World Travel Sevilla 2019

Seville is running for the arrival of its peak season, little by little spring approaches and with it the rise in temperatures and the arrival of the largest groups of tourists of the year. &nb

Hospital de los venerables

Seville is a city where contrasts mark the routine, a city in which we can see inscriptions in Latin in the minaret of an old mosque, a Gothic palace next to an Almohad courtyard and even a brand-n

Susona Love Story

Between the truth and the legend is one of the most fascinating stories locked in the old Jewish quarter of Seville, we speak of the fable of Susona, popularly known as Fermosa Fembra at the end of

Charity Church and Charity Hospital; Territory of Murillo

Nobody knows for sure the story of a licentious and arrogant aristocrat who, after the death of his wife, regretted his excesses and devoted himself completely to caring for the sick poor in the Br

Largest bar in the world, Seville

On October 6th in the city of Seville, it is expected that more than 300 bars will participate in one of the most peculiar events of this city.   This event consists of forming the lar

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