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Flamenco art and show, is a set of activities that we have prepared for 3 years especially for the visitor of the city of Seville. Flamenco is an intangible heritage of humanity by Unesco and is the oldest popular tradition in this country, formed by the passage of centuries and the influence of dozens of cultures, is the popular expression of Andalusian feeling. Born in Andalusia and with more than 3000 years of History our Flamenco Art Tour and show will not leave you indifferent.


What does it consist of and what includes the Arte Flamenco and show visit?

Leaving Puerta de Jerez, we will walk through the central monuments of the city, but it will be only to recreate the view while our guide is explaining the history and evolution of this art without equal. We will talk about the civilizations that have left their mark on the flamenco that we know today, the styles and that flamenco plays in Andalusia and also flamenco today. This first part has a total duration of 30 minutes.

At 20:30 we arrived at the tablao, a show of pure Andalusian flamenco of an hour of duration awaits us, live and without microphones (usually), in a beautiful Patio Andaluz.


Where does the tour start?

Daily we meet for our Arte Flamenco tour and show at the Puerta de Jerez meeting point, next to the fountain. We start on time it is necessary to book your guided tour to secure your place. When you reach the meeting point look for the yellow umbrella.

In which languages is this visit made?

Our free tours are available in Spanish and English, to book a visit in English, see the page of this language. You can request private visits, for children, business incentives and tours in other languages. Contact us.

How long is the visit?

First part Flamenco Tour, History and evolution of this tradition of our land (30 minutes)

Second part Live show in Patio Andaluz, 1 hour.





Guided tours leave every day regardless of the weather conditions, rain, cold, sun or heat ... Your holidays are to enjoy them and with Sevilla Free Tours satisfaction is guaranteed.

  • Wearing comfortable shoes, we will walk around 2 hours.
  • Recommended to be accompanied by a drink and also sunscreen, in summer, temperatures of 40 degrees are exceeded.
  • On rainy days it is a good idea to wear boots, coats or raincoats.

What price does the tour have?

The Flamenco Art Tour plus Show has a price of € 38, all the content explained above is reflected in the price. It is a definitive price, you do not have to pay anything else. Both the guide who will accompany you in the explanations part as the show that you will enjoy alone.

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