Mezquita de Córdoba


Icon of Cordoba, half Islamic and half Catholic, is the best example of the Andalusian legacy that is preserved in Spain. A unique construction in the world, which represents the period of respect, tolerance and coexistence maintained by the Islamic government in the Iberian Peninsula during its invasion in the Middle Ages.

Cordoba, capital of Al-Andalus maintains that heritage, in its streets, in its customs and in its religion with the Great Mosque of the city that also contains the current Cathedral of Cordoba.

Visiting the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba will be an unrepeatable experience in any other part of the world. World Heritage since 1984, the Mosque of Cordoba is the main monument that you must mark in red when visiting Córdoba.

Mosque of Cordoba: guided tours schedule

Guided visits to the Mosque of Cordoba daily.

From Monday to Saturday there are two different schedules to choose from: at 13.15 noon or in the afternoon, which depending on the time of the year will be at 16.15 or at 17.15.

If you prefer to visit the Mosque of Cordoba on a Sunday, the guided tour will be at 10.00 in the morning.

Tickets to the Mosque of Cordoba

The price of this guided tour includes tickets to the Mosque and preferential access. Thus, in addition to the extraordinary guided visit to the Mosque of Cordoba, avoid queues and waiting, to get your ticket to the Mosque of Cordoba.

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