What to do in Cordoba Spain in two days



Imagine that the confinement due to the quarantine of the Covid 19 has just finished, if you still have holidays and you are thinking of visiting Córdoba, do not miss our recommendations to spend a dream weekend in our city.
Córdoba is a city that can offer you everything you need to disconnect for a couple of days, rest, but eat in luxury and above all, enjoy the most important monuments that our land has.
  • You cannot miss it, if you are going to spend a weekend in Córdoba, always if or if you must save a little while to visit the Mosque of Córdoba, it is undoubtedly the symbol par excellence of the city. The ideal is to hire a guided tour of the Mosque of Córdoba, you will get to understand the main monument of Córdoba much better.
The Cordoba Mosque is a unique construction in the world, half Muslim, half Christian, it was the second largest mosque in the world, today the Cordoba Mosque is the third largest mosque in the world, after the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey . And of course the largest Mosque in the world that is Mecca.
  • Another essential of Córdoba is its Jewish Quarter, part of the Historic Center of Córdoba, it was the old Jewish quarter of the city, the Jewish quarters always have charm, but, Córdoba was the capital of Al Andalus, and maintains much of the essence of the mixture of cultures .
Inside the Jewish Quarter of Córdoba, you can find the souk, the old central market, the University of Córdoba and of course the one that was the Synagogue of Córdoba, which today is a unique monument in Spain and a reflection of Córdoba, city of the three cultures.
  • Medina Azahara, the brilliant city, becomes an excellent option to enjoy an archaeological site but also the option of doing some outdoor tourism. Medina Azahara is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and visiting Medina Azahara will mean moving back in time to Cordoba Omeya.
Discover Medina Azahara, the fifth district of Córdoba, and the palace of the Umayyad Caliphs and residence of the high nobility during the period of Muslim conquest of Spain. Visiting Medina Azahara is recommended with a guided tour and getting to know Medina Azahara in depth.
  • A Free Tour in Córdoba, our company offers guided tours in Córdoba, according to the free tour concept, they are not free visits, but based on tips, where the client sets the price.
Free Tour Córdoba Monumental, visit the Mosque of Córdoba, the Alcazar of Córdoba, Roman Bridge of Córdoba and learn about the history of Córdoba.
Free Tour Legends of the Jewish Quarter, guided tour of the old Jewish Quarter of Córdoba, the synagogue and the souk, the flower street and the scarf street, as well as the legends of our protagonists in our free tour in Córdoba
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