Seville awards!

In Seville we are again celebrating, and is that recently delivered the Goya awards in the Andalusian capital, we have given the news that we will be the scene of the delivery of the MTV Europe Mus

Largest bar in the world, Seville

On October 6th in the city of Seville, it is expected that more than 300 bars will participate in one of the most peculiar events of this city.   This event consists of forming the lar

Noche en Blanco Sevilla 2018

The next 5th of October in Seville is celebrated the seventh edition of the famous night in white.   It is an activity expected for all those who love culture, where they will have 160

Summer cinema in Seville: outdoor culture.

With the arrival of summer in Seville the interest of the inhabitants and visitors of this city in the search of outdoor plans alleviates the heat of the summer and to enjoy the pleasant nights of

Is Italica coming back? World Heritage Site, Unesco

Thanks to Civisur Italica is a candidate to be a World Heritage Site, a category that if we get it would be of great importance to put in value an enclosure that until hosted the filming of the sev

Free Tours

Today almost everyone searches for Free Tours in the cities they visit to have a general view of it and decide what to see more carefully once it collects information about the site that has arrive


Chris Sandeman, student, without work, but with many concerns and with much effort, had a dream and fulfilled it.   At the age of X it was seen, in a dead end, but he had the solution

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