what to see in seville "Las Setas"

If it is true that, as Victor Hugo affirmed, architecture is the great book of humanity, in the pages of Seville tradition, innovation, the love and discord.   Finish the quara

What to do in Cordoba Spain in two days

  Imagine that the confinement due to the quarantine of the Covid 19 has just finished, if you still have holidays and you are thinking of visiting Córdoba, do not miss our recommen

7 Curiosities about the Real Alcazar of Seville

The Real Alcazar is one of the main symbols of the city of Seville, without a doubt, one of the icons of our land together with the Giralda and the Cathedral of Seville, they become the central att

7 sites you cant lost in Seville

The Cathedral   This enormous structure is like a little world on its own, and you will lose hours staring in awe at the beautiful architectural style, relics and historical curios.

6 Curiosities to (re) discover the Alcazar of Seville

  The Real Alcázar of Seville is one of the monuments that is essential to visit when passing through the capital of Andalusia. Today we want to remind you of some of the curiositie

Hospital de los venerables

Seville is a city where contrasts mark the routine, a city in which we can see inscriptions in Latin in the minaret of an old mosque, a Gothic palace next to an Almohad courtyard and even a brand-n

Charity Church and Charity Hospital; Territory of Murillo

Nobody knows for sure the story of a licentious and arrogant aristocrat who, after the death of his wife, regretted his excesses and devoted himself completely to caring for the sick poor in the Br

The María Luisa Park: The lung of the center of Seville.

The María Luisa Park is one of the main lungs of the city of Seville and the first urban park. With 34 hectares in size, it is a perfect place for locals and visitors to rest under the shade

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