What to do at night in Seville?


The nights of Seville in summer always induce to cool off after an intense day of heat. A walk through the streets of Seville and, why not, fall into a terrace to have a drink, combined or whatever you want. That is why with this article we want to give some advice on what to do at night in Seville.
We started talking about the most central area of ​​Seville, where there are several alternatives and for all tastes. For example, in the same Plaza Nueva, where the City Hall is located, there is a good list. Opposite one and the other is the Capitol pub and the Madison pub. Capitol is the choice for those who simply want to drink something with a good musical background with their friends, but Madison also gives you the alternative to dance with current music and also try their famous hookahs. In the same area is the terrace of the hotel Inglaterra that offers beautiful night views of Seville.
Although if you want a terrace with the best views of Seville we recommend the terrace of the Doña María hotel, in Don Remondo street, in front of the Cathedral of Seville, with privileged views of the Gothic temple and the Giralda tower, all with affordable prices. You can also go with the family to the terrace. Another area with beautiful views to enjoy with friends are the terraces on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, such as the terraces at the New York Pier, on the Paseo de las Delicias.
And if we continue a little further on, on Avenida de la Palmera, we already find more youthful environments on terraces-nightclubs such as Bilindo or Alfonso, in the María Luisa Park itself, and in front of them the Lebanon terrace.
But, going back on the road, on Paseo Colón, with views of the Torre del Oro and Puente de Triana, there are places for all tastes, ages and environments. Bribón, the O'Neill's Irish pub or the MKC are some of their names.
And going back into the Historic District, we go to the Alameda de Hércules, where is the most alternative area of ​​Seville. Throughout the Alameda you can find bars and places for the youngest and also for the elderly, and also for all tastes. Locals such as the 100 cocktails, Plan B, Boulebar, the Maltese Corto, the Eureka or the Giant are several alternatives to spend a good and fun cool night with friends with all kinds of environments and music.
But if what you prefer is a flamenco atmosphere in Seville to spend the night, on the side of Seville is the street Céspedes (neighborhood of Santa Cruz) the famous Carbonería, with free admission. But on the side of Triana we have in the same street Betis local as Lo Nuestro or Rejoneo, where flamenco groups give atmosphere to the night while you dance. And on Calle Castilla, the famous local Lola Cazerola where one can dine while you have a flamenco show of the purest and most real that can be found in Seville. Or you can go to the place to have the first drink of the night and enjoy improvised flamenco and live a real flamenco party, especially on weekends.
And here we finish by the areas with more atmosphere in Seville for nightlife. For all tastes and ages, so that your stay in Seville does not miss anything. And if they do not have time to go to all those areas, they already have an excuse to go back to Seville.
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