World Travel Sevilla 2019


Seville is running for the arrival of its peak season, little by little spring approaches and with it the rise in temperatures and the arrival of the largest groups of tourists of the year.


This year with the arrival of the month of April, in addition to the growth of the guided tours in the city, the complete poster in the hotels and the reservations of tourist apartments and hotel nights, the reception of one of the most important events is added on a global scale of tourism, World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).


It is currently considered the largest and most prestigious summit of the tourism sector at all levels. Within this great summit will meet, airlines, hotel chains, cruise travel agencies and a series of technology firms.


Along with the big spring parties, visitors will enjoy the big week of the city, with Easter, (Easter) and the April Fair of Seville. While large private and institutional investors, they will fight for the development of their brands and companies in the city of Guadalquivir, Seville.


Francisco Javier Fernández, Minister of Tourism and Sports, has declared; this designation demonstrates "the ability of Andalusia to host events at the highest level". according to Fernandez Sevilla "is going to become in 2019 in the world capital of the reflection and the analysis in the sector of the trip and the tourism", also has stood out that this congress "represents an opportunity to show the wealth and the excellence of our industry "


The general secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía, Susana Ibáñez, who has remarked "this event represents a recognition of the high level of development of the Andalusian tourist offer" and that "celebrate it in Seville, has also been pronounced. It is a magnificent gateway to Andalusia destination. " "We are sure that it will not leave anyone indifferent," Ibáñez continued, for whom the congress is "a very important economic opportunity".


Of course from Sevilla Free Tours, the world of guided tours free walking tours, hospitality businesses, and the entire tourism sector is in luck for the celebration of this event World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), in our city, Seville .


The development of the city and its potential is our priority and events like this puts us in the global showcase to present what Seville tourism can bring to offer to the international visitors of our country.


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