6 Curiosities to (re) discover the Alcazar of Seville



The Real Alcázar of Seville is one of the monuments that is essential to visit when passing through the capital of Andalusia. Today we want to remind you of some of the curiosities that make this monument a unique place in the world.


1. From the Muslim era to the 20th century


We are facing a living space that has been adapting to the passage of time, since the fortified Alcázar primitive is an idea of ​​Abderramán II in the ninth century, of which only the canvases of the wall and the towers facing the Plaza del Triunfo and Joaquín Romero Murube street, and whose last additions were made in the 20th century.


2. Chamber of Hearings of the Contracting House


Despite the fact that most of the Casa de la Contratación was destroyed, even inside the Alcázar the Audience Room of the same is presided over by the altarpiece of the Virgin of the Mareantes or Our Lady of the Good Air, work of Alejo Fernández .


3. Hydraulic Organ


The Fountain of Fame, located in the Gallery of the Grutesco, is actually a hydraulic organ built in the seventeenth century, the only one that is preserved in Spain and one of the three that exist throughout Europe. At every hour, the pressure of the water activates the mechanism that sounds two pieces by Francisco de Correa Arauxo: LXVIII Canto Llamo of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary and Siguense Dies, and Six glosses on the Canto Llamo.


4. Restoration of the Mudejar palace for the king who never came


As you can read, when Philip III ascends the throne a change is made in the ambassador's room of the Mudejar palace, because underneath the half orange were painted a series of portraits of Spanish monarchs that ended with King Philip III, honor that He never saw with his own eyes never to come to Seville.


5. Theater in the Reales Alcázares


In the courtyard of the Lion, located just in front of the courtyard of the Monteria, the Alcazar hosted a theater of which nothing is preserved at present. It was the Count-Duke of Olivares who promoted the construction of this space to be aware of the taste of the monarch Philip IV for this art. Perhaps it is more curious to note that said king only visited Seville in the year 1624 and the theater was built later, never getting to enjoy it.


6. The Lisbon earthquake in the Alcázar


And it is that the earthquake of 1755 was so violent that both the Gothic palace of the Alcázar and the Grutesco gallery and the Crucero garden were very affected. The remodeling of these spaces was the work of Sebastián van der Borcht, a military engineer known for participating in the construction of the Sevillian Factory Real de Tabacos.


There are many more curiosities and stories that enclose these protective walls of the most delicate palaces and Sevillian gardens that you can discover in your visit to Seville. From Sevilla Free Tours we want you to live the city being part of it and try to provide all the information you need to enjoy Seville, so in addition to inviting you to our guided tours and tell you these curiosities, we leave here the visiting hours and prices of the Reales Alcázares:


• Hours and prices for access to the Alcázar:

o From October to March, from Monday to Sunday from 9.30 to 17.00.

o From April to September from Monday to Sunday from 9.30 to 19.00.


Regardless of the time of year, the last hour of Monday is free access, the rest of the time the price of the entrance is € 11.50. If you are a pensioner or a student between the ages of 17 and 25 presenting documentation that proves it, the cost is reduced to € 3. There is the option to book the online ticket from the official website of the Alcázar with a management fee of 1 euro and the added advantage of not waiting for the long queues.


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