Where to see Flamenco for free in Seville


Without any doubt, Flamenco is one of the most popular arts and passions in Andalusia, more specifically Seville is the capital of flamenco.
In this article we will discover the main places in Seville to enjoy some of the most authentic flamenco shows in our city, Seville and flamenco go hand in hand.
1. Casa La Anselma
Casa la Anselma is one of those places that have earned their prestige based on time and work, nowadays it is one of the most authentic flamenco places in Seville.
Located in Triana, the cradle of folklore and flamenco, it opens its doors every day of the week. Access is flamenco free entry, but mandatory consumption with different price depending on the drink.
Casa Anselma usually opens its doors from 11:30 p.m. and children cannot enter this free flamenco show in Seville.
Location: Pagés del corro (Triana).
2. La Carbonería
This is one of the places with the greatest fame and popularity among foreign tourists in Seville, congregates a multitude of people every day at their doors even before opening their doors at 6:00 p.m.
Free flamenco for tourists in Seville, located in the courtyard of an old coal factory in the Santa Cruz neighborhood. The Carbonería de Sevilla opens every day and access to this * flamenco show is free, * but drinks are mandatory inside, they have tapas, beers and drinks.
Location: Céspedes Street (Barrio Santa Cruz)
3. Los Cuevas
Located in Triana is an Andalusian cuisine restaurant that enters the night offers free flamenco shows, always after dinner near midnight and restricted to over 16 years.
Enjoy real & free flamenco in Seville.
Location: Virgen de las Huertas Street, Triana
4 Lo Nuestro or Rejoneo Bar
Both located on Calle Betis in the Triana neighborhood, are some places where you can usually enjoy free flamenco in Seville.
They are spaces for locals, where many nights, especially from Wednesday to Saturday night, you can enjoy live singing and guitar, without stages or microphones.
Drinks are mandatory, but the level is spectacular.
Flamenco is part of the daily life of Sevillians, if you want to enjoy an experience related to Flamenco for free in Seville here are a few free options.
If, on the other hand, they want a show, guaranteeing their seat and paying in advance. There are also good options for Seville, such as.

La Flamenqueria

La Casa de la Guitarra
La Casa del Flamenco
Auditorio Álvarez Quintero
El Palacio Andaluz
El Patio sevillano
Los gallos flamenco Sevilla


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