Get lost in Seville: 8 charming streets (Part II)


As we promised, we continue talking about emblematic streets of Seville.
4. Reinoso Street
Calle Reinoso is located in the neighborhood of Santa Cruz, part of the old Sevillian Jewish quarter. Specifically, we find this peculiar street between Lope de Rueda Street and Plaza de los Venerables.
The charm of this street resides in its popular name, namely, Callejón del Beso. It is known as it is a very narrow street, with a separation of less than half a meter between balcony and balcony, telling the legend that neighbors greeted and kissed from their balconcitos without leaving their homes.
5. San Luis Street
Calle San Luis is located between the Arco de la Macarena and the Plaza de San Marcos. For a long time it was called Calle Real because it was the official entrance of the Kings of Spain when they came to Seville.
Along this street we can see spectacular sites such as the parish of San Gil, the palace house of Pumarejo, two Gothic-Mudejar churches: Santa Marina and San Marcos and of course, a great jewel of the Sevillian baroque, the church of San Luis of the French.
San Luis de los Franceses is one of the most spectacular churches in Seville, is again open to the public after a long process of restoration, so you can not miss the opportunity to visit this temple of which we leave the schedules and prices right here:
Tuesday to Sunday: 10: 00-14: 00/16: 00-20: 00
Closed Monday
Prices: 4 euros: general; 2 euros: under 16, unemployed, disabled, over 65 and under 25; 1 euros: residents in Seville and province; Free: Sundays from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
6. Water Street
La Calle del Agua is also in the neighborhood of Santa Cruz, again we see a street of small dimensions that gets its name because inside the wall attached to the Alcázar we can see two ceramic pipes that brought water from the Caños de Carmona to the Reales Alcázares.
We speak of an adarve, that is, a street that runs parallel to one of the walls of the city that in turn was an aqueduct from the 11th-12th centuries.
7. Green Street
The Green Street is a beautiful street that was part of the old Jewish quarter, but in this case we find it in the current neighborhood of San Bartolomé.
Again we are facing a narrow street, where the coveted shade abounds in summer, full of vegetation and with a window that allows us to peek into the old house of the Padillas, specifically a beautiful courtyard with a fountain that leaves no one indifferent to passersby and that is currently part of a hotel.
8. Fair Street
And of course we can not forget the Feria Street, another hallmark of Sevillian identity where color and joy mark the daily rhythm.
Adjacent to the Alameda de Hércules, on this street we find one of the oldest Mudejar churches in Seville, the Omnium Sanctorum, as well as the important church of San Juan de la Palma.
And of course, in Calle Feria we have two exceptional things:
The first is a traditional market where you can buy fresh products and taste the local gastronomy.
The second, "El Jueves", the famous flea market that is held every Thursday along this street where you can buy all kinds of second-hand items and antiques. If your stay in Seville coincides with a Thursday, you can not stop living this very local experience of walking around El Jueves de la Calle Feria between 7 am and 3 pm.
We hope you have woken up the desire to visit these streets of Seville, and if you want us to guide you, do not hesitate to book your Free Tour at
We are accredited guides as Heritage Interpreters who will discover the special charm that sometimes hides behind the walls of the city. We wait for you in Plaza Nueva at 10:00 and at Puerta de Jerez at 7:00 pm (prior reservation in the afternoon) to share the knowledge about our city, do not hesitate to look for us.

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