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We are in luck in Seville, and that is to have access to culture is always a reason to celebrate and we have a confirmed date for the opening of a new museum in Seville, on October 11, 2018 we can appreciate the unique collection of art costumbrista by Don Mariano Bellver Utrera after a long time of project preparation.
If you do not know what this museum will be or who is its promoter, keep reading and you will discover the importance of the new space that will be opened in the city of Seville.
Don Mariano Bellver Utrera was born in Bilbao in 1926, moving very young to Seville where he started his collection of works of art, mostly traditional works of the nineteenth century and some rarity that add more than 500 pieces today. In addition to being a patron, Don Mariano is the owner of the San Juan Bosco elementary school and high school, also located in the Andalusian capital.
Since 1998, part of the artistic collection belonging to Don Mariano was temporarily exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts, the idea of ​​donating his pieces to the city of Seville began to be forged so that everyone could access his little corner of culture.
Several projects were proposed as a result of that moment, with various government changes in between. It was thought to house the collection in one of the pavilions of the exhibition of 1929, specifically in the Royal Pavilion, but finally the Seville City Council acquired for that purpose the Fabiola House, belonging to the Lara Foundation, for a sum that according to what sources oscillates between 4.5 million euros and "less than 10 million euros".
This space that was considered the ideal place to host the new Bellver Museum has been subject to certain reforms, a fact that has delayed the opening that was originally planned for December last year, and second date for this month of June.
Although the official opening is dated October 11, it is intended to move the entire collection to exhibit before July 15.
So, 20 years after the idea was born, the patron's dream of sharing with the city the collection that he has been gathering delicately for more than 60 years can now be touched with the tips of his fingers a few months after being able to go to the inauguration of the great Bellver Museum.
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