Casa de Pilatos: paradigm of the Sevillian palace house.

As we already read in the publication A walk through Seville on the big screen, the building known as Casa de Pilatos has attracted great film directors to create various stages inside this venue.

Summer cinema in Seville: outdoor culture.

With the arrival of summer in Seville the interest of the inhabitants and visitors of this city in the search of outdoor plans alleviates the heat of the summer and to enjoy the pleasant nights of

Is Italica coming back? World Heritage Site, Unesco

Thanks to Civisur Italica is a candidate to be a World Heritage Site, a category that if we get it would be of great importance to put in value an enclosure that until hosted the filming of the sev

Bellver Museum

We are in luck in Seville, and that is to have access to culture is always a reason to celebrate and we have a confirmed date for the opening of a new museum in Seville, on October 11, 2018 we can

Seville around the world: copies of the Giralda.

When we set foot in Seville for the first time, we always look for its hallmark, the symbol par excellence of the city: the Giralda tower. From my personal and professional experience as a Heritage

A walk through the Seville of the big screen.

Today, Seville is considered an opera city as its plaques say in many areas of the historic center due to the inspiration that the city brought to great artists such as Rossini, Beethoven or Bizet

Get lost in Seville: 8 charming streets (Part II)

As we promised, we continue talking about emblematic streets of Seville.   4. Reinoso Street   Calle Reinoso is located in the neighborhood of Santa Cruz, part of the old

Get lost in Seville: 8 charming streets (Part I)

Seville is increasingly equating to a large modern city, with faster pace of life, 21st century monuments and large chains of international establishments everywhere. Despite this change in the mor

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